Jelly beans and cornets

Pre-‘ramble’ – When a friend suggested this title I had no idea what to do but after getting a bag of Jelly Babies I had a bit of inspiration.  Hope you enjoy it.


When you work in an office you can find joy in the smallest things.  I’d just wandered into the ‘kitchen’ and found to my delight a bag of Jelly Beans.  


I opened my mouth wide, tipped my head back and flipped one in.  I bit down hard, looking forward to that burst of flavour.  What I got was a loud ‘crunch’.   


I pulled the object out and to have a look. “What the…?”


It was a tiny cornet.  I placed the instrument on the work surface and took another bean.  “For pity sake, another cornet.”  


By the end of the day everyone had found a miniature brass instrument.  Then in a perplexed state, because had what just happened really happened, all the instruments were shoved in a corner and everyone did their best to forget.  


On the last Friday of that month a bag of Jelly Babies had been brought in to share.  As I opened the bag it began to vigorously shake.  I let the bag go.  It landed with a thump on the work surface.


All the jelly babies then ran out of the bag and picked up one of the tiny instruments.  Within minutes they’d organised themselves into band and started to play. 


I shouted for others to come.  When they came in the Jelly Babies stopped.  They lay motionless, their instruments scattered around them.  My colleagues looked at me quizzically before each picking up a jelly baby and eating it.


“Don’t eat them!  Can’t you hear them scream?”  They laughed and walked away. 


I still hear their cries for help.  Every so often I buy some Jelly Babies to see if they’ll play. They never will.  Their instruments were thrown away so all they can do is just lie there, unable to escape their gruesome fate. 



Word count – 300