One day shorter of breath

Pre-ramble – My husband is a massive Pink Floyd fan so I wasn’t surprised when I asked him for a title that he gave me a line from “Time”. (Ok, I may have tweaked the lyrics, let’s call it my ‘artistic’ licence… ).  In his head he thought I would write a story that was loosely based on the song; I didn’t… and here it is.  😉


I watch him closely, our local lothario.  Every night he has his pick of girls, rarely taking a night off from this arduous task.


They beam when they realise they’re the ‘chosen one’, the one who gets his full attention for the night.  For an instant they forget that a night is all they’ll get, he will not bed them again.  All think they can change him but they won’t, and if they do you wouldn’t want to be her.  Listen closely and I’ll tell you why.


You see our ‘not so little’ stud muffin has a secret, the one that broke his heart.  Have you kissed him?


Oh you have.  I’m not sure I should tell you any more.


Ok, but only because you plead so nicely.


When he leaned into kiss you, as he inhaled just before your lips met, did a spark run through you?  Your lips tingle in anticipation?  Your body hunger for him?


They did?  I’m sorry, so sorry.  When he made you feel those glorious things he also took your life.


Don’t cry, I may have exaggerated a little.  He only took a day; well a day per kiss.  You didn’t kiss him much did you?  You’ll never get them back; those are now days he’ll use instead.


He doesn’t mean to do this, he was born this way.  Killing his wife was an accident; he only discovered his ‘talent’ when it was too late for her.   The day she died he promised he’d not love another.  A promise he’ll never break.


So don’t throw yourself at him hoping he’ll give you his life, as if you push him too far he will take yours.  He loves his new life and he’s not going to let anyone spoil it; well boys will be boys.


Word count – 300