Two Rooms

Pre-ramble – A friend of mine is providing a whole host of inspiration for my stories and in January they were talking about their work in Social Care and how two people can have very different experiences.  From this conversation we decided to set ourselves a challenge to write a story using the title of “Two Rooms”, here’s my attempt…. 


If your choices would make someone’s life worse would you do it?

Two identical rooms.  Each has a large screen which is permanently on 24 hours a day, showing whatever is happening in the other room.  There’s no sound.  A sign says “You can improve your room but when you do the other room will lose something.”

In the 1st room is a frail old lady.  In the other a troubled middle-aged man, whose misery was both created by and inflicted upon him.  Two completely different personalities, two completely didn’t souls.

The old lady was unhappy with her room so she soon ordered extra pillows, blankets & tea; her ‘neighbour’ lost all his basics.  He became aggressive, his face pressed against the screen screaming obscenities at her.   She sat and watched him with interest while sipping her tea.

Every morning the rooms were returned to normal.  As an early bird the woman was able to re-order first thing; as a night owl he always ended up with nothing.  Each day his anger grew, and the obscenities got worse.  She just sat and watched; luckily she didn’t have to listen.

As the weeks went by he grew tired from hunger and rage.  He sat exhausted, on the brink of giving up. Then it dawned on him.  If he ordered just after midnight he’d get everything he wanted.  So he did.

He now watched her.  She curled up in a corner of her room shivering from the cold, she never once looked at him.  That night he ordered again.  The next morning she soundlessly pleaded with him to help her, tears running down her face.  He didn’t order again.

Well she may have been a evil bitch but she was still his Mother and he at least had a heart.


Word count – 298